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Yomega 680 - Kendama Pro - Wooden Skill Toy

Item UPC: 04987107261
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs.


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Active play is defined as an activity “from which one derives amusement, entertainment, enjoyment, or satisfaction by taking a participatory role” - if this describes you, you’ll love Yomega's active play line. If you like activity & fun, challenges and skill, check out what we have to offer!

Kendama is the craze that's sweeping the nation. Like most truly great toys, its simplicity itself. Swing and catch the ball onto the larger cup. Can you catch it on the smaller cup? How about the base of the handle? Can you flip the ball from the larger cup to the smaller cup? The challenges are endless. The Kendama Pro is made of all wood components.

Colors available are Polished, Red (Out of Stock) or Blue (Out of Stock)

Please specify what color you prefer or you will be at our mercy!

UPC: 04987107261

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