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Crosman - Pumpmaster 760 Rifle (.177) - 760B

Item UPC: 02847807601
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 The legendary Crosman Pumpmaster offers a simple solution for the beginning shooter. With easy-to-use features like variable pump power for velocity control, this repeater shoots BBs or pellets with power and accuracy. The elevation-adjustable rear sight and fiber optic front sight help you stay on target while the checkered stock provides a firm grip. For over 40 years the Pumpmaster has been "taking it outside" for plinking and target shooting fun!


Pump 3-10 times with each shot to vary the power - fewer pumps for target shooting, more pumps for high powered pest control! 


The BB reservoir holds up to 200 .177 caliber steel BBs, Preload the internal magazine with up to 18 BBs and the Pumpmaster 760 shoots them up to 625 FPS.


Included is a clip that holds up to 5 pellets, firing them up to 600 FPS. The Pumpmaster 760 is a bolt action rifle with an elevation-adjustable rear sight and a fiber optic front sight.

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