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Super Dipping Sauce - Salmon

Item UPC: 79830411550
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs.


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"If you can fish it, you can dip it!"

Easy application for your favorite plugs, eggs, jigs, and super lures. Also mix with your favorite herring or egg brine.

  • Flavored Fish Attractant
  • 8 FL OZ.
  • Guide Proven
  • Hottest selling product on the market.


Super baits are one of the best lures ever made for salmon, lake trout, and walleye. It has been proven to be the best lure in the northwest and on the Columbia River. Its rotating action resembles a wounded herring that fish cannot resist. Both super bait and the cut plug have a split cavity that is hinged on one end with the other opening up so that you can add your favorite bait/scent. We use tuna fish in oil Vs water. The oil sticks better to the plug. I prefer draining most of the oil as it dissipates faster if all of it is left in the tuna. You can set this lure to have a tight or wide roll depending on what you prefer. In addition, you can use double, treble, or single siwash hooks which ever is your preference. If you’ve never tried one, you will want a collection of these lures in your tackle box. Be sure to call and talk to Don Talbot (pictured above, left), the designer of the lure. His phone number here at Hooked on Toys is – 509. 663-0740 Ext. 3.

Every good fisherman knows that it’s not just the lure alone. If you have an effective SCENT to go along with the lure, you will go home with FISH. Catching fish is a science, not everyone can or will catch fish. It’s like a baseball pitcher, if you go through the correct step/procedures, you will be an effective pitcher Everything we do in life has steps to follow if we are to be good at what we do. Fishing is no different. You must have the right lures, the correct set-up (length of line, swivels, etc), trolling depth, speed, and be able to read your fish graph Do one of the above incorrectly and you most likely will not catch fish.

This scent has been tested over five years on the Upper Columbia River, in Washington State, before it was put on the market. When compared with other sauces, no one comes close. Other fishermen will watch you put on a clinic wondering what the heck you’re using. This last year it was put on the market for the first time in the northwest and met with great success. People who never caught fish were going by and saying that they are now catching fish. If the fish are in, this scent will bring them in to your super bait or cut plug. The rest is up to you. You can either dip you plug in the Super Dipping Sauce container – holding over the side of your boat, or you can marinate your tuna (in oil, not water) over night for the more effective method.


"I have been fishing salmon my whole life I have tried most items available to catch those kings but as soon as I started using super dippin sauce my catch rate at least tripled if not more I also fish for Kokanee quite often I figured there a salmon too so I put some in my corn and bam rods started to go off so fast we couldn't even get the third rod out so if you want more fishing success on whatever you fish for try super dippin sauce guaranteed you will not be disappointed even the best fisherman can be better with this product." - Matt Booth

"No one was catching fish except our boat. The three of us had our limits in three hours, using Super Dipping Sauce - Salmon. This sauce really works. We are using Brad's Super Baits stuffed with tuna marinated in SDS - Salmon. We also have been dipping our Super Baits in the sauce as well. Both ways work great." - Dick Wristen

"I have been selling a fantastic product called "Super dipping Sauce" for over (1) year at Hooked on Toys. I'll tell you this," "Super Dipping Sauce" will help you put more fish in the boat on a regular basis." I know this since Hooked on Toys sold over 900 bottles of the secret sauce since last summer. The most common application for "Super Dipping Sauce" is to dip the Brad's Super Bait or Super Bait Cut Plug right into the bottle and let it soak for a few seconds. You will see a large oil slick form behind the lure as it enters the water. I personally had my best day of fishing ever using "Super Dipping Sauce." See the 34 Lake Trout caught on the Jerrod Gibbons YouTube video on Lake Chelan during a four hour test trip last spring. It still gives me goose bumps thinking about how to beat that record. I can personally say, ""Super Dipping Sauce" will help you get more fish catching action on any lure especially Brad's Super Bait's. It has helped me catch more King Salmon, Lake Trout, Sockeye Salmon, and Steelhead over the past year. It is 100% proven effective on almost every fish. It's a great product that I will not leave home without having at least (2) bottles in my boat." - Don Talbot - Fishing Expert at Hooked on Toys

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