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Double Lock Nickel Plated Steel Handcuffs with Two Keys

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Press cuff down on the wrist and rotate jaw until it engages ratchet. Jaw may be tightened as required.


With cuff single locked on the wrist, use tip on ket handle to depress plunger on top edge of cuff. Jaw is thus locked against travel in either direction.


Rotate key on quarter by turning clockwise. Do not use undue pressure but be sure to turn the key in the proper direction.


The key must be turned in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions to open double locked handcuffs. Rotate key counterclockwise to release the double lock, and in the opposite direction to disengage the ratchet. Do not apply undue pressure.

IMPORTANT - Keep handcuffs single locked when not in use so that they will be ready for any emergency. Lubricate occassionally with light oil.


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