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Yomega 680 - Kendama Pro Wooden Skill Toy

Item UPC: 04987107261
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs.


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Try not to be distracted by the looks of Kendama Pro - it's a looker for sure. What's even better, it plays like a champ! Finely crafted Kendama Pro has a great grip and a premium feel. The glossy competition-sized ball makes it easy to learn, yet difficult to master. Get set for hours of concentrated play!

Remember those ball and cup games from your childhood - when you'd toss the ball up to make it land in the cup... Kendama Pro is like that, but all grown up. It's a traditional Japanese toss game that will throw you for ally-loop!

With a quick flip of your wrist, you'll get the ball to land on cupped one side of Kendama Pro. Let the ball drop- another quick flip of the wrist and it's back up, only this time on the opposite side.

You're getting good now. Go for the spike! Just land the ball on the pointed tip. Yes, my friend. It can be done - and when it is, go ahead and celebrate. We highly recommend it!

Kendama Pro is attention-getting fun, so just let go of that notion of keeping it to yourself. Everyone wants to take a shot at Kendama.

Once you master the basic maneuvers, there are numerous advanced tricks that you'll really flip over!

Kendama Pro

  • A beautifully-crafted traditional Japanese toss game
  • Easy to play; difficult to master
  • Dramatically improve hand-eye coordination skills
  • Catch the ball on the cupped surfaces and tall spike
  • Numerous entertaining tricks to play and master
  • Wonderful design in natural wood - better grip, premium feel
  • Competition-sized ball with glossy finish
  • High quality wooden construction
  • Advanced design especially appreciated by teens and adults
  • Attention-getting fun for all ages


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