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Scent Bomb Money Maker 4.5; Spinning Scent Dispersal System

Item UPC: 78647148869
Shipping Weight: 1 lbs.


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NEW Money Maker 4.5 Scent Bomb
Fish Attractant Flasher & Scent Distributor

Say "Boom" every time and catch more fish with the money maker scent bombs!

This is one of the greatest flashers to come out; not only does it attract fish to your lure or bait, it disperses scent as well! The hinge cavity opens up and you can add your scent (herring, sardine, or tuna) inside, mixed with your favorite dipping sauce. Once inside, put the O’ring back over the end to hold shut. This will run in front of your flasher to get your big spin, behind your diver, or directly in front of your bait. You can place the scent bomb above any swivel on your main line using (3) 8mm beads for it to run smoothly in front of the swivel. You will notice greater catch rates when re-scented every 20 minutes. The type of fishing you do will determine the type of scent program that works best. Enjoy the New Money Maker 4.5!

  • Size: 4 1/2" long
  • 1" Blades
  • Made right here in Wenatchee, WA U.S.A!
  • 100% ECO Friendly
  • Patent Pending

Sam Baird: Slammin' Salmon Guide Service - "Been using the Scent Bomb for a couple weeks now and I gotta say it has increased my strikes remarkably!!! Match these up with a Pro-Troll Flasher and a Brad's Super Bait, and you have a combo that the fish can not leave alone! Cant wait to try them out on other species....I'm a believer through and through!!!"



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