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Zing Toys - Zombie Slayer Z-Curve Bow - Archery Dart Launcher ZS370

Item UPC: 00898324370
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs.


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Zombie Slayerz is the ultimate in long-range foam archery, blasting targets from over 125 feet. Choose your ammo-- the zombie slayerz bow fires far- flying foam Z-Arrows and stick any where suction cup Zartz. Hook in your ammo line up the shot and let it fly. Join the Zombie Slayerz and save your neighborhood from the relentless Zombie Horde. The trusty fast loading Z Hunter Bow launches screaming whistle arrows annihilating your dead-head foes up to 125ft away.

  • Stick it to those rot-walkerz with the patented Zartz suction cup arrows; The undead are no match for the Zombie Slayerz Z-Hunter Bow
  • Will you survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

One set includes: 1 Zombie Zlayerz Bow, 2 long range Zonic Arrows, 1 Zartz arrow

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