About Us

Hooked on Toys was founded in 1986 and has been proudly offering Toys and Sporting Goods at Discount Prices ever since. Hooked on Toys is a unique store, in that we offer a wide-range of products to our customers. The goal of Hooked on Toys has always been to bring families together under one roof. 

Our selection of products ranges from toys and sporting goods, to water tubes and inflatables, and even paintball equipment. With a diverse staff, many of whom have been with Hooked on Toys for 20 plus years, we are able to also offer a variety of services including Archery/Bow Work, sighting-in scopes on firearms, and much more. 

Hooked on Toys is locally owned and operated, and has been since it's founding. As such, Hooked on Toys has been proudly supporting the endeavors of many area charities and non-profit organizations, as well as fishing derbies, game feeds, and other local community events.