Hydroslide ACT60-Arsenal Approach

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Attack the wake with ultimate speed, mobility and comfort this summer with the Arsenal Inflatable Towable by Hydroslide. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. It is designed using state-of-the-art technology and with our customers in mind. The top is covered with over 19 square feet of edge to edge soft comfort to provide a soft and comfortable riding area. The large flat seating area is perfect for one to two riders and can be ridden laying down or sitting up, depending on your preference. The one piece, high frequency welded towable is constructed with heavy duty 30 gauge PVC for durability, and the handles are made with foam filled nylon for added comfort. The tapered deck allows riders to get back on the towable much easier compared to non-tapered towable. You are able to zip through water with less drag enabled by the hydroglide finish on the PVC bottom. Watch this tube transform before your eyes with the sleek water activated graphics. Master the wake this summer with the Arsenal Inflatable Towable by Hydroslide

Hydroslide Arsenal Approach Act60 60" Towable Deck Tube, 2 Person :
  • Water activated graphics
  • One piece, high frequency welded quick connect
  • Heavy duty 30 gauge PVC construction
  • 4 sewn, foam filled nylon handles
  • Tapered deck makes getting back on towable much easier
  • Embossed "hydroglide" finish on PVC bottom moves through water with less drag
  • 60" deck tube ideal for 1 to 2 riders