Mack Granite Cement Mixer Truck

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High Quality

The 02814 Mack Granite cement mixer is highly detailed with a candy finish and chrome accents. This item is made of the highest grades of impact plastics such as ABS. From the cement chute to the front of the cab the Mack Granite Cement Mixer is highly detailed and is the epitome of what an American cement truck should be.

Made in Germany

The incredibly realistic driver's cabin has doors that can be opened, a tilting engine bonnet to provide a view of the engine block, foldable rear-view mirrors, and a chrome look that make this truck a true feast for the eyes of every truck fan. The cement mixer barrel (barrel with mixing spiral) can be turned by a fold-out crank handle that is lowered into the 'water tank'. Depending on the direction of the drum, material will be mixed together or transported out of the chute. The chutes attached to the sides of the assembly can be slipped over the rear concrete chute to extend it.